Michael Fotheringham Portraits

Studio, home, or on location

Session Pricing

I usually find a Standard 1 hour session more than enough to produce a range of beautiful portraits. However if you’d prefer to take your time, or you’d like to have portraits with a variety of wardrobe selections, I’m happy to give you as much time as you need.

In My Studio

In my Studio
  • •  Standard session (1 hour):    $400
  • •  Extended session (90 minutes):    $475
  • •  Double session (2 hours):    $550
In your home

In your home
  • •  Standard session (1 hour):    $600
  • •  Extended session (90 minutes):    $675
  • •  Double session (2 hours):    $750
On location

On location
  • •  Standard session (1 hour):    $650
  • •  Extended session (90 minutes):    $725
  • •  Double session (2 hours):    $800


Printing Options

It can be difficult to know where to begin, so I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to select the options that best fit your needs.

I offer a full array of products and services ranging from just my time and your images on disc, through to a complete range of unframed or
framed prints, photo-books and much more. As a minimum I always provide high resolution digital negatives and private online galleries.

You are under no obligation to buy prints through me, but if you wish to, I offer a wide range of high quality printing options. Tweaking, cropping
and other adjustments are included within my printing fees, making them excellent value.

My complete Print Catalogue is available for download, as sections or a complete catalogue.

As well as the range presented in the catalogue, I can also arrange high quality wall calendars and photobooks in a huge range of sizes and options.

Print Catalogue

  • Standard Prints

    Standard 4x6 and 5x7 prints.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Enlargements and Posters

    A wide range of enlargement options including giant posters.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Framed Prints, Matted Prints and more

    Framed prints, Matted prints and acrylic ice mounts.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Canvas Prints and Shadow Mounts

    Canvas prints and shadow mounted canvas prints.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Greeting Cards and Postcards

    Greeting cards and postcards.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Calendars

    12 Month calendars, starting any month.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Photobooks

    Bookshop quality photobooks in 5 sizes and 3 finishes.
    New catalogue now available.

  • Complete Catalogue

    All your printing needs in one big catalogue!
    New catalogue now available.

If the printing options you're looking for are not listed, please get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help.